Become an Ambassador

What is an Ambassador?

An Ambassador (latin Ambaxus-Ambactus) is someone who represent the Lake Como in the world. Someone like us, who loves the Lake so much that it wants to share it to the rest of the world. Someone whose appearance, demeanor, values and ethics are like ours: beauty, respect, nature. More simply put is someone who wants to share pictures, events, and life on Como Lake with others.

How can I become an Ambassador?

You want to become an ambassador for Lake Como? That’s Great! Contact Us writing  a bit about yourself (who are you? what do you do? why do you want to be an ambassador?): we will contact you shortly after!

Can I just send a single picture?

Sure! Send the picture/s to We will evaluate it and if it’s amazing as we think it will be, we’ll try to publish it on the official Lake Como website or social.

Some of Our Fav Ambassadors





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